Club Fruit Machines

Club fruit machines are also known as Jackpot machines. The reason for this being the increased jackpot amount, and the placement of them only being allowed in social clubs, snooker halls, and other such premises. The criteria for club machine placement is dependant upon the type of premises, age restrictions, and whether the premises is open to the general public or is a members-only establishment.

Stakes range from 5p to £1, with the jackpot amount ranging from £75 to £1000. The typical stake/jackpot values are as follows;

  • 5p/£75
  • 10p/£100
  • 20p/£200
  • 25p/£250
  • 50p/£500
  • £1/£1000

These are not hard and fast amounts however, and the stakes/jackpots can be adjusted to give optimum value for money and return for your establishment’s members.